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*** Da Canes ***


These pretzels are making me thirsty
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Feb 29, 2008
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With all the changes lets start fresh and see what Mario & company can do

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I think Joe Brady is going to be the OC. There’ll be a lot of dudes from Oregon coming on board too, I think DC winds up as that cat from UGA.
Brady has already stated he doesn’t want to return to college but prefers to stay in the NFL. He probably already has a position lined up at the pro level starting next year but is waiting until the season ends to announce where he is headed next.
All the decisions have been made

We got the OL , D line , WR and RB coaches from Oregon

The strength coach and his staff as well

Looks like T Rob is being retained

Other coaches are being asking to step back into just recruiting roles which is fine.

The OC and DC are tight lipped.

Splash hires I would think to be announced next week.
I will sell my body, mind and spirit to bring Dorsey here as OC. I truly, truly believe in him.

Great college QB without NFL skills who stuck around as a backup, went into coaching and has had nothing but positive feedback in NFL circles.

Hell, I want our Phins to give him a HC interview if Flores doesn't work out next season despite how green he is.

Bring Dorsey back to Miami!
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