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Dec 12, 2001
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Wow I just watched the GMAC bowl, and it was surprisingly very entertaining. It is hard to tell how a player would be in the NFL from only seeing in him in college twice, but I was very impressed w/Byron Leftwich. He threw for over 500 yards,and completed over 60% of his passes(11 balls were dropped) before the overtime started. the thing that impressed me the most is he was getting poped on just about every pass, but he stood in there, and delivered all his passes w/pinpoint accuracy, and great velocity(thus 11 dropped passes). He has said he would stick around for his senior year, but if he change his mind he would be my new 2nd or 3rd round dream draft choice. Before this game I didn't even want Miami to pick a qb this draft.
Hey Dejesus!!

Watch out for another stud that reminds me of Culpepper!!Rohan Davey out of LSU!! He's got a gun!! I was on the coaching staff when he was in high school at Hialeah Miami Lakes in Miami!! He is simply a class act!! He is very coachable and has tons of talent!He has all the intangibles to be a quality quarterback in the NFL!!! I hope to see him come home and wear the aqua and orange!!
I saw Davey a couple times this season, but I obviously don't know as much about him as you. I like his athlethism, but I don't know if he is as good of a pure passer, as Byron. You really had to see that game, he was getting nailed on every play, but everytime he stood in there and deliverd strikes. his supporting cast was overmatched be ECU, and dropped way to many passes. I only saw like 3 passes all game that didn't hit his wrs in the hands.
That game was amazing. It was the highest scoring bowl game ever. I have been hearing about Leftwich for a while, but he is gonna stay his senior year. He could be a first rounder, as former Marshall alumni Randy Moss and Chad Pennington have been in the last few years.
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