Dave Wannstedt's Day After Press Conference Transcript


Maria & LauRen Aha!
Sep 4, 2001
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Dave Wannstedt's Day After Press Conference Transcript November 5, 2002
(On his approach if Sage Rosenfels starts this week’s game) – “If he has to play, then other guys will have to step up. That would be my approach. Let’s give the guy a chance. We’ve had a lot of games around here where we’ve won 10-7 or 6-3. That happens in this league. Defensively, we have to step up and we have to be smart on offense with the football. We can’t make mistakes. When we get opportunities to get some points, we have to finish the drives. That is what has not happened the last two weeks. We haven’t scored points, obviously, and haven’t come up with turnovers on defense. I really believe it all fits. When you’re scoring points and moving the ball, the other team is under pressure to make plays and to keep up at that pace. That is when the turnovers come. If a team can go in there and play it close to the ves, they’re apt to not make as many bad plays.â€Â


Scout Team
Feb 4, 2002
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post falls, id

"When we get opportunities to get some points, we have to finish the drives. That is what has not happened the last two weeks. We haven’t scored points".................

GEEZ wanny, it's because you leave that pathetic idiot lucas in at qb. thats why we are not finishing drives and scoring points. 98% of the last 2 weeks nonsense is ray friggin' lucas.

and now your answer is play defense and keep it close and hope the defense scores? we are in trouble. wanny , you are dooming this team right now if that is your plan. the team knows ray lucas is nothing and is going no where with him, that is why we looked so bad on monday night, the team doesn't believe!!

we invested a 4th round pic in sage rosenfells. that is a good pic. what are you waiting for? how can he be worse than that pile of puke lucas? let's invest in our future with sage, let's get him some game time.

did wanny trade a 4th rounder for a clip board jocky?

we will lose every game with ray lucas. wanny needs a reality check. i have supported wanny all the way so far, but this is just down right ignorant the way he is holding on to lucas.

ray lucas is not a rooky. he is not some young punk who needs time and experience. there is absolutely no excuse for the way ray lucas has played and shot this team in the foot. ray needs to be cut, not just benched. we don't need to put anymore time or money into this worthless no talent head case.

for rayletting the team down like he has, he needs to be gone, end of story.





Oct 18, 2002
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Teams are going to destroy the run everygame until Ray has a good game (which he never will) Ricky will never run anywhere without a real Quarterback throwing the ball down the field. Ray sucks, he cant throw it for ****, every pass is into the ground or into the defenders hands. When he does throw it he throws it to the one person surrounded by 39839083908490328490238490238908 defenders and it gets picked off asap.
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