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Mar 29, 2005
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mh has shown that he won't tolerate counter productive actions or behavior from anyone when he shipped dawn aponte out of browns town. her "take it or leave it cribbs" attitude didn't go over well with mh.

Aponte was the Browns' executive who characterized the club's most recent contract offer of $1.4 million per year to disgruntled All-Pro Josh Cribbs as "take it or leave it." Later, Holmgren said, "That take-it-or-leave-it stuff, I think that went out a long time ago."

You know, as "inexperienced" as our front office is (in their current positions--they have plenty of front office experience in roles that don't carry the same titles or "buck-stops-here" responsibility) with Kokinis and Aponte...

This is pretty much all I could get from there. Looks like she is just numbers and that is it. Example is Cribbs. He was basically special teams and that was it ultimately. Could he have done more if used right? Maybe. Making him worth more? probably. She just looked at him, what he produced in which position, came up with his value to the team, and said this is what you are worth take it or leave it. Obviously with many other people involved though. Cold hearted maybe, but from all I gathered with her life being made of numbers, I don't think the Porter fluke was her fault. I do worry however, about her "common sense and logic" method to the sometimes you just feel it sport of football. I think if we can find her devils advocate, so to speak, we could be in for incredible things. If not, we might be in trouble. It sounded like she is a good person, but just kept work and play separate and runs off facts instead of faith, if that makes sense. Just the vibe i got after reading all the threads mentioning her there so take it for what it is worth.


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Jun 8, 2007
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She should not be the one who makes decisions on players or anything. That is Ireland and Parcells job. She needs to worry about numbers and that's it. No airhead woman like her should be making football decisions...EVER!!!


Mar 16, 2005
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New York
She should not be the one who makes decisions on players or anything. That is Ireland and Parcells job. She needs to worry about numbers and that's it. No airhead woman like her should be making football decisions...EVER!!!
Your right but that doesn't matter because the person that makes all decisions relating to Football is BILL PARCELLS.


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Dec 3, 2005
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I am sure this wont the only mistake a front office will make this year....all the rules have changed as result of the CBA. Dont over think it.


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Jul 24, 2004
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She should not be the one who makes decisions on players or anything. That is Ireland and Parcells job. She needs to worry about numbers and that's it. No airhead woman like her should be making football decisions...EVER!!!
So who do you think put her in charge? And who do you think is really calling the shots? I don't think her job description is releasing players! Who's the airhead here?


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Apr 29, 2007
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Here's some background on her from a very pro-slanted hometown local Staten Island paper right after the draft, crediting her with being the catalyst of a "win-win" veterans for Sanchez drafting rights trade. I dunno what to think at this point, but am leaning towards pessimism. I hope our "capologist" doesn't mutate into a "crapologist" and that the NY/NJ metro paisano connections that have served The Tuna pretty well, don't end up a costly mis-step with this hire:

Staten Island Native Dawn Aponte Sent Sanchez To Jest

Close to 20 years ago she became a summer intern in the New York Jets front office, schlepping and hustling and commuting out to Hofstra University while her friends were headed to the Jersey Shore for sun and fun.

The internship became a pitifully-paid junior bookkeeping job in the organization. Which, following hundreds of late nights and weekends, turned into a gig as a senior team accountant dealing with salaries and such.
During down time, she'd head out to the practice field and pick the brains of the coaches and scouts.

All that grit and smarts and curiosity catapulted Aponte into a Jets' vice presidency as the organization's salary cap and labor relations specialist.
She OK'd deals and negotiated contracts.
Along the way she got a crash course in dealing with difficult personalities by working with the likes of Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick.
Aponte left the Jets a couple of years back to join commissioner Roger Goodell as an NFL front-office attorney, specializing in collective bargaining matters.

By then she had a league-wide reputation as one of the few people in the business who truly understood the stupefyingly confusing maze of the NFL salary cap.

Now she's an NFL veteran who is in the room and in the loop when the football decisions are being made.

And if this Sanchez thing works out for the Jets, all you fans will have Dawn Aponte to thank.
It was Aponte who notified new head coach Eric Mangini, whom she worked with in the Jets organization; and new general manager George Kokinis, who was a NFL front-office co-worker.

It was also Aponte who, ever so quietly so as to not to tip off other teams, reached out to the people involved on the Jets' end.
And it was Aponte who dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's, hustling off the necessary paperwork to the NFL home office, where, ironically, she worked reviewing just such deals weeks earlier.
"Capwoman," Sports Illustrated's Peter King called Aponte after the complicated deal was done, completely shocking non-participants.

Because of the trade, Mangini now has three veteran pros he has coached before to go along with last weekend's draft choices, beginning with No. 21 overall pick Alex Mack, a center from Cal.
In return, he gave up the rights to Sanchez.


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Aug 7, 2004
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Exactly!! Some of these posters don't seem to realize what she can and can't do

I seriously doubt that she had anything to do with Porter's release.

She's only been here for about 3 weeks.

Can you think of a job where someone would make this type of decision after just 3 weeks on the job?

Peter King, who I have absolutely zero respect for, made her out to be a genius after the Browns Jests trade on draft day last year.

I think the fact that she is a woman, and the fact that sports writers are almost universally dense, low brow & pathetically below average in the IQ department probably sums up the angle being taken by most of them on this.
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