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Day THREE Camp Reports HERE!!!


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Aug 29, 2002
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Yeah exactly. Thank you for making my point.

Aj, Eich, Robert Jones, Coleman, Little will all be vetted out before they consider moving Hunt.

Thank you for agreeing with me.
That wasn't what I said. I said that after AJ, the other options were all equivalent.


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May 12, 2005
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It's just a narrative that took on a life of his own. Tua has a much stronger arm than Chad Pennington did when he played for us. Tua and Burrow were considered to have similar arm strength going into that last year of college, but you don't see people talking about Burrow's lack of arm strength. The difference is that Burrow had some success. And he had deep attempts attempts due to the offense design. Tua hasn't had the same level of success, so people with a simplistic understanding of football or an agenda decide it must be due to arm strength instead of the more obvious poor pass pro, lack of a run game, offense design, etc.
and Burrow didn't have a serious, possible career ending hip injury like tua also. I don't care how strong a qbs arm is. The hip is very important to slinging the ball. Tua might have been healed last year, but that's one thing, it's another thing to get strength back and stabilizing muscles back to form too. I could see how it could take two years to really be recovered. Tua looks healthier like his form at bama with how he's moving, his form and the zip and way he's throwing it. He looks slimmer but stronger too. And as a result Tua looks to be throwing the ball like he did at bama
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