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Dch's Top 10 Undrafted Players To Watch...


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Jan 27, 2002
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Alright.....this is just going to be a list of players that did a few good things out in these past camps.....that only deserves....."the further look" status. This list does not include any of the draft picks.

1. S RAY GREEN......was absolutely stellar in each session...had 2 TD INT returns...played well on special team drills, and showed good coverage ability....the DOlphin brass seems to have the pencil almost out, already...as far as him making the team.

2. LB JOSHUA SYMONETTE.....was moved to LB...too small and a step slow for safety. However....has a tremendous motor....and made some plays out there. He looked very good in some of the coverage 1-1 drills. Also a hustler on special teams. He is only 5-10...and under 200 pounds.

3. DE AL WALLACE......showed that he has a quick first step, and can get into the backfield rather quickly. Needs work against the run....but this is a guy who has some talent...

4. DT JAMES ATKINS......interesting player...with a unique background. He held his own out there......but is really, really, a raw, type of project. He is a long shot....but is really giving a good effort.

5. LB JUSTIN SEAVERNS.......showed some good coverage ability....and got some pats on the back from JIM BATES when he dove and made a nice breakup on what appeared to be a sure TD down the middle. Seems to have a good instinct for the position...but is a long-shot.

6. FB....MATT KALAPINSKI This guy is back again...and its because he does a lot of good things for a FB. KALAPINSKI has some good speed for a FB...and has soft hands. He is not a subpar blocker either. Unforunately for him----we are pretty set at FB....but the coaches feel that this kid can play in the NFL...if not here.

7. WR....RONNY DANIELS With the absence of many of the WR's.....2 guys kind of got noticed...real fast.....one was ROBERT BAKER...who seems to have been in DOlphin Camp for the last 10 years.....and this young guy...who has good size....DANIELS. DANIELS showed some good speed down the sidelines....and was very active in the camps. DANiels caught just about everything in reach....from the likes of Mcknown, Levcik, and Kustok....which on many occasions...were not that easy. Just a long-shot who had a good couple of sessions...worth noting.

8. Punter....CASEY ROUSSEL This kid has to literally out-kick and literally out-hold veteran MARK ROYALS to make the team. The Dolphins really believe that this kid can give ROYALS a run to make the final roster. These two punters were right there...neck to neck...as far as their punting and hang times were concerned. This kid is not here for kicks....so to speak.

9. S SCOTT SHIELDS.....who is playing over in EUROPE. He has made some big plays out there....and the DOlphins have a scout out there...watching. They want to bring him into the mix...in late JULY.

10. Qb.....ZAK KUSTOK. Wasn't overly impressive.....but the Dolphins liked the way he saw the field. Kustok has impressed the coaches with the mental side of the game. Does not force the ball....and has taken the lead...at least over LEVCIK so far. Put it this way....CADE McKnown has not distanced himself at all....so far. The third Qb spot is open...and KUSTOK is really getting his head into NORV;s playbook....has impressed by his memory of many formations...where to throw the ball...in these early stages.

Thats my list...for now.
Next camp is in about 2 weeks
Then another list......DCH

Thanks DirtyCashHoldin for the list. This kid that got switched from safety to linebacker. He was too small for safety? I assume you are referring to height. I really pull for a guy like that. I also pull for the kid from App. State as well. I like that kind of hustle in the spirit of Larry Izzo.

Once again, if you hear anything on Roy McGee please let me know. No one up here knows if the Dolphins will sign him or not.

I saw Daniels play and he was considered one of the better WRs in the SEC when he played at Auburn. Might surprise. Of course Baker went to school there as well.

I also pull for this Atkins kid. He may in the long run have more going for him than Grant. I like the potential.

Two kids that I am real curious about as to why Miami did not bring them in are Bobby Sippio and Errol Hood. Here are the reasons.

Miami tried to move in the draft to get the Virginia Tech kid, who played safety at Va Tech. They were going to move him to LB. Bobby Sippio actually has more size and made as many plays at Western Kentucky. He also has ties to Florida (went to high school there). He could make such a transaction much like this kid they are currently moving from S to LB.

Hood, a cb at North Carolina, was particularily skilled at press corner, which Miami utilizes. He was thought to be at least a 5th round pick. With Green's progress I understand there may be less need there, but he was highly thought of.

Lastly, Delvin Brown is playing real well in Europe right now at CB. Have you heard anything on the Dolphin's feeling about him, as you have about Shields?


thanks DCH.

We need Ray Green to replace Cousins/Walker in the 2ndary and play that dime back. Can he blitz ?

JOSHUA SYMONETTE.....5-10...and under 200 pounds for a LB
:confused: HS LBs are bigger than that. If ate out 2x a day for 2 weeks I'd be bigger than that :eek:

I would be suprised if DE AL WALLACE was good enough that we did not bring in a veteran after 6/1, but you never know...

I would love to see DT JAMES ATKINS challenge Haley and Grant.

That sucks IMO that ZAK KUSTOK can challenge CADE McKnown
On the move

First-year player Joshua Symonette, who attended Tennessee Tech, has moved from safety to linebacker.

Wannstedt said Symonette, who weighs 214 pounds, was a step too slow for safety but gives such good effort that he wanted to give him a chance.

So Wannstedt gathered the linebackers, stood Symonette back-to-back with Thomas and said if Symonette was taller than the 5-foot-10 Thomas, he would move to linebacker.

Symonette, also listed at 5-10, was taller.

"That's the sophistication we use to decide if a guy can play linebacker or not," Wannstedt said with a smile.

"You have to be taller than Zach." :lol: :lol:

Here is some information on Joshua, our "new" linebacker.

Joshua Symonette, Strong Safety-- Tennessee Tech
(6'-0", 210 pounds)

"Joshua is the leader of our secondary. He understands the game and has a nose for the ball."--head coach, Tennesee Tech.

Chosen the permanent team captain for the 1999 campaign for the Eagles.
Symonette was a three-time all-OVC selection for the Golden Eagles and earned third-team All-America accolades from both Teamlink.com and the Associated Press in 1999. He finished his career ranked fourth in career tackles with 349, and also recorded six interceptions and 17 pass breakups. He played in all 43 games during his career, and started 34 straight.

As a sophomore, he made 100 tackles and set a school record with a 98-yard interception return. As a junior, Symonette led the team with 108 tackles and was the named the "hardest hitter" in the OVC by The Sporting News. Last fall, he was second on the squad with 85 tackles and was named OVC Defensive Player of the Week once.

1998: Played rover where he has started 24 consecutive games. He enjoyed a tremendous junior campaign in 1998, earning first team all-OVC honors and becoming the first player other than a linebacker to lead the team in tackles in 16 years. He posted over 100 tackles for the second year in a row and his 108 stops ranked him third in the league. He tallied double figures in tackles in six games including a career-high 20 hits against Samford. Joshua recorded 14 tackles and intercepted a pass at Eastern Illinois and had 13 stops at Murray State. He needs 28 tackles to climb into the career top 10 in total tackles at Tech. A second-team all-OVC selection.

Symonette made 100 tackles in 1997, including four double-digit efforts. He notched 15 stops in Tech's win over Southeast Missouri, and he was named OVC Defensive Player of the Week after making 14 stops against Eastern Illinois. He also made 14 tackles against Eastern Kentucky and had a dozen tackles against Chattanooga. Joshua set a school-record with a 98-yard interception return for a touchdown in Tech's win over Austin Peay.

Symonette made 56 tackles in 1996, including 13 against Eastern Illinois. He had nine tackles against Middle Tennessee and seven in Tech's win over Austin Peay. He had interceptions in Golden Eagle wins over UT Martin and Southeast Missouri and also had a pick against Murray State. He was an honorable mention all-OVC selection. HIGH SCHOOL - Joshua earned three letters under coach Matt Fligg at Stone Mountain High School and was an all-county selection. As a senior he totaled 104 tackles and two interceptions. A three-year starter, he had 130 solo tackles and seven interceptions during his career. A Beta Club and National Honor Society member, he was named a Georgia Merit Scholar.

The son of Michael and Sharron Symonette, Joshua was born May 8, 1978. He is majoring in computer science
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