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De Jay Williams Is On The Radar Screen.


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Jan 27, 2002
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If both BURNETT and COLEMAN fall through........there is the long-shot possibility that DE JAY WILLIAMS....who is suppose to be released by the PANTHERS....will be given a look-see.

I personally do not know that much about him....I did hear he was in our camps....some time ago. He is a very average player....from what I understand....and nobody I talked to....seemed his signing would be anything meaningful.

New DT....LARRY "the community" CHESTER....has apparantly said to the coaches.....that his "friend"....from the PANTHERS can play.

In conlcusion......lets all hope that we get either ROB "SONNY" BURNETT...from MIAMI VICE.....or MARCO....for you old Mets fans...... MARCO "CHOO-CHOO" COLEMAN....from the 60's squads.

I am very impressed by the NICKNAMES you guys have forwarded my way......this contest will continue on to the first day of TRAINING CAMP.....JULY 25th. Thanks for playing....

Sinclair ?

What about is Sinclair as choice #3 ?

Why not Chidi Ahanotu we looked at his last year and he's a big DE ?
Dirty -

What's w/ all the "...."? are you taking taking deep breaths or something??
I don't know too much about Williams but my friend who is a big Panthers fan (Don't ask me why.) thinks he sucks and those are his own word...
here's some more on this:
Panthers | Williams On the Way Out? - posted at KFFL (
14:44 PT:’s Len Pasquarelli reports the Carolina Panthers appears likely to wait until June 1 to determine what they’ll do with DE Jay Williams. He’s due a $1.65 million base salary this year and the team owes him a $100,000 workout bonus. His agent, Ron Del Duca, is pushing for the Panthers to release him now instead of down the road. The Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs could all have an interest in him.
what kind of music does he spin?
Will we be the only team in the league with a DJ?
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