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DE Keith McKenzie


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Mar 17, 2002
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Why haven't we brought him in? he is 28 years old, so he is "relatively" young. He is not going to get the $$ he is looking for so his demands should drop really soon.

6'3 273, he is good for 8-10 sacks if healthy. Not an outstanding DE but would be a great compliment for JT.

Granted he only has 29.5 sacks in 81 games, but he has only started 24. Good speed off the edge. Did not start in Green Bay, but had 16 sacks his last 2 seasons there as a backup. 11 sacks in Cleveland in 2 seasons, playing 23 games, 22 starts.

If we were to sign anybody out there now that is available it would be McKenzie. I don't know why he hasn't recieved any publicity on any Dolphins messageboards.
He is not going to want less than a million a year. he is well worth $1.5-2 million a season. Problem is, he wants Kenard Lang type money, and we can't afford that.
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