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Oct 24, 2001
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blitz a Corner or a safety at all today. Everytime we lose I always notice how we just can't get a consistent pass rush. We're still missing Trace. How many times did the Chiefs convert on 3rd down today?

Unfortunately it's the same thing the last 3 years. Our backers are liabilities in coverage and we can't cover the underneath stuff because we can't get a pass rush to put pressure on the QB. Did we have Rodgers or Greenwood jamming Gonzalez at the LOS at all today? Thank God we won't have to play a TE like him again this year because he causes matchup problems that we can't solve. Did we double him at all until the 4th qtr. Jimmy and Dave hate the zone blitz because scrambling qb's kill you on it but Green for the most part is a pocket QB. I think our blitz schemes are too vanilla. How many times do I have to see Zach get picked up as he blitzes up the middle? I've been watching that for what seems like 6 years now.
It's garbage. I swear we have two blitzes. One where Zach and Rodgers get picked up and the other where Rodgers and the nickelback shoot into the backfield.

THAT'S ALL.........and everyone knows it.
They may have been afraid of getting burned today on single coverage.
Originally posted by Miamian
They may have been afraid of getting burned today on single coverage.
exactly, having Fletch and Gamble as our #2 and #3 CBs tied their hands.
I saw one friggin blitz the whole day and that one came on a nice run the right by Holmes. ZT got picked up in the middle and that was about it. The rest of the game I just saw Green camping out in the pocket, making smores, and calling home to his mom while he took time to figure out who he wanted to throw to. Ridiculous!!
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