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Did yall enjoy the fish fry today?


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Dec 13, 2001
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Well fish fans just came to gloat and rub some much needed salt on that wound of yours. Was that an ass whoopin or what? Gotta give to yall who said that your D was gonna turn us into a one dimentional team. Turns out to be the run and did it on your vaunted D of yours. HA! Hows that crow tasting. Now we can add you to the list of teams listed as :"the 49er haven't beat anybody good this year". Just wanted to throw that one back in your face dolfan201.

Yeah man, the fish fry was great! We cooked some Mahi-Mahi on the grill for the game. But being a San Fran fan, you would have been disappointed, there were no "bones" in it!:evil:
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