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Did you see...


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Sep 2, 2001
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Did you see Jay Fiedler play Defense? He played freakin terrible... lol... so you see.... to keep on the same track as last week, there are more players than Jay.

Now, to get off the subject...

The game against New England was terrible. We were unprepared at every level of the game. I think the Dolphins thought the Pats were gonna be a rollover and didn't prepare. However, that can be countered by saying that the Dolphins barely had time to even practice or study the Patriots as much as they may do when time is available.

Overall, look at it this way... we have a lower draft pick this year... well, unless we somehow, someway get into the playoffs.

Anyways, I'm gonna go update the site... just got back from my dads.

BTW: I will be gone from Monday thru Friday. I may be on every now and then... but you now know where I'll be...
AJ you need to update your signature...our defense is losing us fans
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