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    Comon. I pay the $300 from money I made from investments. I retired because I saved and invested my entire working career.
    Think about it this way.
    The payment plan starts before the games do and go all the way through January after the regular season is over. So your still paying when the regular season is over.
    I know a little about finance and there are exceptions to the rule. I would not pay cash for a house, but when I go to the grocery store I do. I pay my auto insurance up front. It saves me $60 a year. There is a difference.
    I could drop $300 by going to one game. (plus plane fare) One expensive dinner. Do you pay your credit card in full each month. I do, so I don't pay interest. Of course CC's are a different animal. Personally for my mental health and overall well being, shelling out the $300 all at once makes me feel better that shelling out $160 a month for 6 months. Its just as easy to take care of the Ticket all at once.
    Go Phins Brother!

    I hate to threaten when I don't have a reasonable back up plan. I have DSL with 15 mbps. No cable. Satelite internet sucks (according to those I know that have tried it).
    We can watch Netfix with no buffering. So maybe there is another option.
    I guess I could threaten them with leaving, then leave and come back as a new customer? Maybe get the newcomers deal? FREE!
    I'm gonna try again this year.
    Do you guys suggest I wait until preseason game start? Thanks. John


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