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Dissapointed in Madden....

Coral Reefer

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Mar 7, 2002
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What was up with Madden's whinning about Shula?

All the insinuating that the Dolphins had added success because Shula was on the competition committee so he controlled the refs!

He Suprisingly failed to mention that the owner of the team he coached for at the time was also on the competition commitee.
Al Davis and Shula were on the commitee together.
Funny how he forgot that little fact while he was crying on national TV.
Heh well we all know what the league thinks of Al Davis.

Actually I kept shaking my head at Madden calling Lucas "Ray Lewis" all night long. Or how he called Wade our best offensive linemen while a guy was blowing by him and he was getting facemask calls.
their was no chemistry between between Michael and Madden. And despite the fact the fact that everybody complained about the Phins not getting called and Shula's committee membership that was ridiculous to bring up for sooo long from Madden :rolleyes: :sleep:

Then again they had to do something 'cause the Phins made that a dull, dull :sleep: game
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