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Dixon Looking Good,,OL looking good, Good News


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May 23, 2002
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Dixon impressive in first live drills since last season
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Mark Dixon's first foray into team drills was supposed to last one or two plays. Instead he took 15, which is a good sign.

Dixon is the team's best offensive lineman, and he is the biggest key to the unit's success this year. Stronger than people think, Dixon is a very good athlete.

He still has to clear the mental hurdle from a fractured ankle that ended his 2001 season prematurely, but Dixon has worked very hard to get himself back on to the field after once questioning if he wanted to play again.

With Dixon, center Tim Ruddy becomes a better player as does Brent Smith at left tackle. Troy Andrew, who has converted to guard from center, is Dixon's backup and while skilled, he does not possess Dixon's guile. If Dixon can make it back to form, the offensive line will be much improved. . . .

Defensive tackle Larry Chester is coming off the same injury as Dixon and also made it back to the field. Signed as a free agent, Chester will be a vital cog in the run defense. He also makes Daryl Gardener's move to end possible.

But the defensive line is in need of depth help at end and Rob Burnett could be the answer. He is intrigued about the possibility of playing a Trace Armstrong-like role as a pass rusher. . . .

Tight end Alonzo Mayes did not do himself any favors injuring an ankle during an off-week and keeping him out of the most recent Quarterback School.

Already in trouble because he reported to the conditioning program weighing more than 300 pounds, Mayes had worked himself back into respectable shape. He was making plays in the passing game and coaches were curious to see how he would look when the pads went on.

With the injury, however, they are again questioning his commitment. For a player who has not played in two years, Mayes must make a quick impression or risk being let go.


While the foundation will remain a strong running game, this year led by Ricky Williams, there has been a lot of change to the Dolphins' offense this offseason.

Norv Turner has brought in a diverse scheme built around wide receivers, tight ends and running backs. Last year, the Dolphins were primarily a three-wide receiver team in passing situations and ignored the fullback and tight end.

The key to the offense, as always, will depend on the return to health of the offensive line, but there is plenty of optimism among the entire unit.

With a timing offense based on quick reads and adjustments, Jay Fiedler figures to benefit most. He finished strongly in 2001 and is in a quarterback-friendly system.

Williams is sure to boost the between-the-tackle running game that faltered with Lamar Smith. And the wide receivers will have ample opportunities to make big plays because Turner likes to get the ball downfield.

Rare was the occasion receivers caught the ball in stride and picked up extra yardage because of the control the clock mentality.

There is an aggressiveness to Turner's play-calling. The fullbacks and tight ends will be much more involved, normally relegated to the sideline in passing situations a year ago. With the ability to go to any personnel group, defenses could be spread thin.

There have been some rough spots in the offseason, but that's not a concern. Turner is moving at a fast pace to put everything in and fine-tune during training camp.

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It's starting to come together people!!!!

Great article!!!

Good news about M. Dixon. I know this OL has been busting their humps to make sure they improve from last seasons performances. They could actually surprise some doubters around the league with the focus and work they have been doing so far this off-season.....

If our OL can play as well as they did in 2000, it should be a strength rather than a weakness....

The offense should be very fun to watch come together. I'm looking forward to Training Camp, and getting a chance to watch N. Turners new system at work. The pads will be on, and the offense will be in full swing.....

Injuries to a few players right now are a small concern, especially to C. Chambers. He hasn't been at full speed since the last game of the regular season in 2001. It seems to be taking much longer to heal than expected. We can't afford to have him hobbled. At least there's some time before it gets serious, but we need him soon so he can adapt to Norvs offense.....

L. Chester finally got into the mix, which is great news. I can't wait to see this house in action. I know Z. Thomas is a happy man, and he showed it the other night at the Dolphins Kickoff 2002. He said the "news of signing L. Chester made him say Thank You God". He gave almost all of the credit for his sucess to the DL players on this team......Very Classy Speech.

Now I'm looking forward to seeing who the Phinz bring in at DE. It looks like R. Burnett at this time, but I think M. Coleman is still in the mix......


monkey: JETS SUCK!!!!
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Reading that article got my adrenaline pumping!!
I agree with BLITZKRIEG, the offense will be fun to watch come together! I also agree that Feidler will benifit from Norv's scheme, I mean, with RW, a healthy Chambers (I hope), A recieving TE, and Konrad actually touching the ball... how could he not? Again, the cornerstone is an OL in top form... if Dixon can turn it up this year, and they line can "gel" again... we will be the team to beat!!
Man... I can't wait until opening day!!!!!
Originally posted by MDFINFAN
But the defensive line is in need of depth help at end and Rob Burnett could be the answer. He is intrigued about the possibility of playing a Trace Armstrong-like role as a pass rusher. . .
I want Burnett now, but for depth, the guy had 0 sacks in 13 gs last year - he is not Trace Armstrong as a pass rusher, D Bo could at least be Lo Bro. D Bo s/b the guy :confused:

Dixon is the key to the OL - if he plays healthy all year, we have enough depth to have a good enough OL to do lots of damage.
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