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Do you want T-Buck back on the team? (merged)

Do you want T-Buck back on the team?

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May 24, 2002
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"the Everlasting T-buck"

I just heard on WQAM that the dolphins are going to sign T-buck in the next few days. He worked out for them yesterday and he pleased the coaching staff. T-buck is schedule to be the 4th CB in our rotation, also known as the Dime DB. Damn, how are teams suppose to pass against this Awesome Sixsome: S. Madison, P. Surtain, J. Fletcher and T. Buckley, Along with B. Marion And A. Freeman!!.
Re: "the Everlasting T-buck"

Wow ! He can return punts, too

That just made lots of those DB long shots (Green, Brown, Shields, Lowe, etc) unhappy.

And that means he does not end up somewhere else in the AFC East, like NE :cool:
I really hope that this signing (if it does, in fact, happen) works out well and that T-Buck will be willing to accept the role of the dime back without making too many waves. If he does then this secondary will be- without question- the strongest in the league.
Darn!! I was hoping we'd sign Paul Lankford or William Judson instead. I loved those CBs with the 4.9 speed in the 40. NOT!!!!
Do you want T-Buck back on the team?

My Thoughts......T-Buck should have never left the team, but he wanted more money,which was understandable. now if he comes back it will be w/a SB ring. Will he still be hungry for another one? who knows, but Overall im happy w/this decision.
Actually, it wasn't really about money when he left. It was about EGO. He thought he was a starting-caliber cornerback who should start over Patrick Surtain. The Dolphins disagreed. So, T-buck said screw you guys... I will be a starter somewhere else. But, the harsh reality, as T-buck, found out... is nobody else in the league thought he was good enough to be a starter either. So, he was forced to accept the fact he was a role-player... and maybe now he can fill that need with the Dolphins.
He would make an excellent 4th corner and be a good insurance policy if Jamar slips. However don't count your chickens before they are hatched. Tampa Bay, New England and Detroit are all after him to.
Rick Spielman I believe it was (maybe Wanny) went on record saying that TBuck will not only compete for Dime CB, but Nickel CB as well.
Yeah if I recall though in the offseason he made a lot of comments about how Patrick Surtain was JJ's "boy" and thats why he got pulled in favor of Surtain late in the season. He failed to realize that it was because TBuck had an injured foot and was getting burnt to cinders out there.

When Wannstedt took over, he never really even made an attempt to sign TBuck. TBuck wanted to be a starter, everyone knew that, and Wannstedt couldn't offer him that, so he didn't even bother with TBuck, but TBuck used that against Wannstedt anyway talking smack about how the dolphins never even made an attempt to get him back and blah blah blah when everyone in the world knew he just wanted the dolphins to offer the nickel CB spot so that TBuck could say "HECKS NAH!" and bolt somewhere to start.

There was actually some bad blood at TBuck's departure and I think the phins may have made overtures toward him last year but he refused and upped with the Pats instead. This year he appears to have changed his mind.
Don't forget that TBuck went public and personally blamed Jimmy Johnson for screwing him out of MILLIONS of dollars in free agency, as Jimmy benched TBuck in favor of Patrick Surtain during TBuck's free agent year where he's supposed to impress everyone enough into giving him money...and instead he got (unfairly according to TBuck) benched.

In all honesty it did cost TBuck millions and Jimmy may have been thinking about the possibility of re-signing him when he benched him.
He will only make the best secondary in the NFL stronger. He will make Jamar Fletcher a better CB through competition. Fletcher knows T-Buck will push him the whole season and Fletcher will benefit from that. If Fletcher faulters under pressure, then we have a very capable nickel back in T-Buck. WE CAN'T LOSE!
This is a good situation for the Dolphins, even through TBuck was mad about how his situation with the Dolphins ended..I think he always wanted to come back...I remember the summer after his last game, when the dolphins got a new D coordinator,,Sam Madison was talking on the phone with him about the change and they both got excited, then TBuck realized he wasn't going to be with the team..each year since he's been around the team come FA time. I really give Dave W. credit for being his own man..You would think after Tbuck said those things about Surtain being a JJ man and benching him, Wanny may have stayed away in respect to his mentor, but he realized Tbuck is a good player, and he's doing what's best for the team. Go Phins..Now only if we could get that kind of news on Offense.
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