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Does anyone else feel


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Oct 24, 2001
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that Oronde Gadsden abandoned this team?

I like Oronde but his actions were that of a selfish player putting his needs ahead of those of the teams. Can you imagine Walter Payton or Jack Lambert or heck Brett Favre doing what he did? You can play if you don't have surgery but it's your FA year so you put your needs ahead of your teammates. The team is paying him 1.3 mil this year and he should earn his $. I remember in '93 Ken Norton played pretty much most of the season with a torn tricep or bicep muscle to help the Cowboys win their 2nd SB, and after that season he was a FA and he left for SF. I know because of his contract that Oronde was in a tough position but this guy abandoned this team and if he leaves now I certainly won't miss him. Just because we overpaid for McKnight doesn't mean we should make the same mistake and overpay for Oronde. The guy has great hands but he's not a big playmaker who will make major yardage after the catch. I guess I'm saying that if he has played his last game for us then so what. I still can't forget him making that stupid OG signal after scoring our only TD against Jville in the playoff blowout. It always seems to be about him and I know about his bad toes but geez man you had a chance at being part of a SB team this year and you pissed it away.
I don't really care much about Oronde at this point. I am only concerned with our QB and how we were 5-1 and looking tough to 5-3 and looking like a team that will never win a game with Ray Lucas at QB. Thank god that Buffalo lost yesterday. If we don't beat the Jets and Ravens, kiss homefield advantage in the playoffs goodbye.
As it stands right now......I wouldn't miss a single one of them. they all are heartless losers.
I miss OG. But I really don't think he'd have been very effective with that injury. I think he would have played for a few games and then ended up on IR anyway.
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