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Does Clarrett carry too much baggage?


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Oct 20, 2002
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Or do you think he can be a good NFL RB? I'd take a chance on him.
He does carry too much baggage, and can't carry the ball well enough.
I unno, he may be worth it. He did single handedly beat Miami
i'd draft him in the 7th... because that is where camp fodder gets drafted.
phinfan27 said:
Or do you think he can be a good NFL RB? I'd take a chance on him.

Hes always had the physical tools to be a very good RB in the NFL but that means nothing if u cant handle the mental aspect of the game!
I t hink he would be worth a late pick, for any team. It's worth a risk.
I just don't want him anywhere near this team. He is an avearge back at best and I don't want to have to deal with the tension he would bring.
Saban said he was going to take a close look at him
Depends...might have the same production out of the backfield if we use Tim Bowens

They run the same 40 right...
Yeah, I don’t think that he would be worth it. If we do draft a RB at the 2 spot I would not suspect Saban to draft anymore RB’s. I was just on the XM Radio Sporting News 143 and they said even though he ran a 4.6 in the 40 he did not help himself and they said he might get picked up in the late rd 7 if that.
It's not all about 40 time by the way. Maurice is a very good RB. If we want to take a chance on a player another is Gore from UM. The man had ridiculous talent before his injuries and he's starting to get it back.
hells yeh he would be worth it his second workout was amazing he ran faster pick him up late in the draft that would nice to have
i would take him in the later part of the draft. he will be a good back up
Someone is gonna take a chance on him towards the end of the second day, but I don't think it will be Saban. You gotta figure that we'll be drafting a RB in one of the first two rounds (assuming we find a way to get a second rounder). It's a deep class and Clarett is at the butt end. Do we really need to draft two this year?

I just don't think Clarett will be able to run outside the tackles in this league. I'd rather take a chance on a monster of a DT like Means in the 7th round.
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