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Dolph President Eddie Jones Will Be Missed..


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Jan 27, 2002
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While attending this past years MEET THE DOLPHINS breakfast--I had the opportunity to sit at Dolphin President--EDDIE JONES' table. This guy is truly one of the finest execs in the football world...and will be sorely missed...once he goes into retirement...following next season. He is basically the ears for owner WAYNE HUIZNENGA...on the business side of the team. He oversees all hiring, contracts, business deals..all the behind the scenes stuff...that never would hit the papers..but this is one man...who reports to nobody..except WAYNE. Just a class act..who served the team well.
With that said...the team is certainly prepared..and we all heard about the promotions today..for both RICK SPIELMAN and BRYAN WEIDMEIR.
WEIDMEIR has been the right hand man for EDDIE he a salary cap wizard who usually is the point man on Dolphin he goes over the to speak..with both WANNY and SPIELMAN. He will undoubetedly take over for JONES...after next season..he has been groomed for the position for years.
As for the SPIELMAN promotion...this was hardly a surprise. SPIELMAN is a tireless worker...and has really done a superrior job since his arrival from Chicago. Even though DAVE WANNSTEDT still has the final all personell matters..the promotion still must make SPIELMAN very happy. The DOLPHINS and SPIELMAN himself...had heard lots of rumors about his availability..and on whether or not he could be "promoted" from another particular the DETROIT LIONS...who MATT MILLEN did in fact...mention RICK SPIELMAN in high regard..earlier in the a possible exec who he really liked. I feel that the Dolphins definately were concerned about other teams possibly asking to speak with SPIELMAN about his availability...and they did the right thing..which he deserved anyway....they gave him a better title..SR. VP of Football Ops/Player Personnel--and of course with that...more money.
Again...with the retirement of EDDIE JONES...the Dolphins are still in great shape...and made a couple of nice executive moves today.
Now...its time to sign up NORV TURNER...
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