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Dolphins Are Going To Be Undefeated This Year..i Guaranteed It..19-0 Baby!!

You obviously don't know football. With that pathetic o-line, we'll be lucky to win 12 games, let alone 16.
I'd be willing to bet all the money I have that you don't go undefeated.
i dont think any team will ever go undefeated again...i will be very happy if we win 12 or 13 games...
im with crazy dolfan dolphins 16-0. Finally someone with some confident in this team
in 1972, the dolphins were .500 in pre season. ya know what they are this year....................................?!
I'm hoping for 12-4, its realistic and it can get us that much needed bye.
That's right 19-0, we're taking down names of all those who don't believe!
Well put my name on the list. 12-4 will be a wonderful year. I don't agree with the pathetic o-line bit. With a little relief from the injury bug, the o-line might be good by week 4 after they have a few games under their belt. AFC championship game and maybe more. Just please, no more December collapses. The guys who will have to be renegotiated from a salary cap perspective need to at least sniff Super Bowl this year. They need to want to be here. Go Dolphins!!!
I think everyone who guarrantees Miami will go undefeated and win the Super Bowl should back up their words in some way. It's easy to guarrantee something if you've got nothing on the line.
I think the Fins will win the Super Bowl but we won't go undefeated. We have a good offense and our defense is great, and this is our year. GO FINS!!!
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