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Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by lynx, Feb 7, 2019.

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    The sad fact is most of us haven't seen the Fins win a super bowl. 1972 is a long time ago and though we have had some good teams since and a HOF QB in Dan Marino, we still haven't won one.

    Rebuilding is all well and good but the Fins have to completely change their mindset and not stand still. For us to still not have an elite QB since Marino retired is criminal. 18 or so drafts since Dan hung em up and still nothing to get excited about at QB.

    It's the premier position in all of sports. Sure you can win with an average QB (Dilfer and Johnson) but to be a good team that consistently goes to the play offs every year requires an elite QB. We should leave no stone unturned until we find the guy. I agree with Armando Salguero we should draft a QB every draft.
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    "Tannenbaum gradually wrested control from Hickey and continued Ireland's policy of paying ordinary starters like superstars and superstars like Ndamukong Suh as if they were royalty."...:lmfao:
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