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Dolphins contacting Vet. Qb's


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Mar 8, 2002
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According to Wqam / Hammer Dolphins are contacting several veteran quarter backs, just in case. :eek:
How does Tony Banks sound?
Tony Banks is a choice I think. He isn't too bad. He did lead the Redskins to an 8-8 record after Jeff George dug them into that 0-5 hole......
I think Tony Banks sucks. To bad we couldn't have signed Chris Chandler as an insurance policy. That guy is a pro.
Damn, those are SLIM pickins! Let's bring back Scott Mitchell! LOL, jk.

Rypien is probably the best choice on the list, or maybe, maybe Elvis. Grbac has stated that he would only play for Cleveland though, what a loser!
BTW, Im pretty sure this move is more for insurance purposes than anything...we saw what happened to Lucas in the Bills game...and If for some reason or other Rosenfels wasnt ready, then we'll have a second option...not only that but depth also.
We've been headed down that "slippery slope" of signing "head cases" for a few years now,(excluding Ricky) let's sign Jeff George and light it up.
NFL tonight was saying last night your front office may contact Troy Aikman> I can't see that happening.
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