Dolphins Defensive Lineman Kendrick Norton In Critical Condition After Car Accident


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Nov 18, 2006
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When driving, you drive defensively.
That means constantly keeping your vechicle under control and obeying the traffic laws. In addition you must watchside streets, and the traffic in front of the vechicle you are following in case they are not paying attention. Likewise, the same for vechicles behind you trying to overtake traffic.
Just get out of these idiots way and make it from A to B.
I love car racing, and foolishly raced a few cars when I was young and stupid.
There were more back roads and less people in SFL back in the 70s - 80s and I got my share of tickets.
Looking back it was assinine.
Plan and race at the track. It is more fun and much safer for everyone.
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