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Dolphins Embrace Underdog Role Thanks to Sports Illustrated


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Jul 30, 2004
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SI's senior writer Peter King picked Miami to finish 9-7 and third in the AFC East behind the New York Jets and New England Patriots. He has both of those teams going 10-6, with the Jets winning the division on a tiebreaker the same way the Dolphins won it two years ago over the Patriots.

Of course, predictions can change with the wind, and King is a perfect example as earlier this year before training camps opened he had Miami ranked as the sixth-best team in the entire NFL. So Henne handled the first question as expected, which simply asked for his reaction to the prediction.

"I mean everybody has their own opinion," Henne said without flinching. "We didn't give ourselves a chance last year. We went 7-9 so that's where they're going to put us and we need prove it first week, come out and play well and then get the opportunity to move up."
The follow-up question from Armando Salguero of The Miami Herald was more direct and to the point:

"You want to stomp Sports Illustrated, don't you?" said Salguero.

Henne let down his guard enough to crack a smile and a laugh before answering.

"Definitely," he said. "I mean we set it out or ourselves. You go 7-9 I mean they're not going to pick you to win the division this year. So we're the underdog and we know that and we've just got to keep improving and keep fighting."
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