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Feb 13, 2008
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It is frustrating for the fans to watch constant shuffling of names at different positions. But there is a cumulative net positive effect from this type of season....

The overall system of injury management and response by the team and coaches becomes a system of adaptation that is slowly getting perfected and normalized.

The players get exposed to a true system built around "next man up". The coaches learn how to not rely on a single player schematically. The team functions more as a unit as opposed to a collection of individuals.

It becomes more about the scheme and coaches; less about the players and individual abilities.

You build your team around a certain level of standards at each position and unit. The team functions like an organism.

That is why players like Rowe will get extensions. They are not great at any one thing, but they bring a level of consistency that allows them to be swapped in and out at different positions.

Minkah crying about wanting to be assigned one position and left there to excel... pretty much told everyone he did not want to be a part of THIS team. He did not want to be a utility player that could plug and play anywhere needed.

This staff will sacrifice individual talent level for scheme diversity. It is the Patriot way. And I prefer it. This is how you avoid allowing one player to hold your team ransom for insane contracts.

We will start worrying less about the names on the jerseys and be focused more on the scheme and overall X's and O's. We've needed this for a long... long time.

This also explains the Christian Wilkins pick. Team guy that can move around the line. It's not sexy, but it does allow the coaches a lot of flexibility. Also allows the defense to be ready for up tempo offenses that wait for the moment a defense wants to sub in and sub out for specific packages. If the 11 on the field can play multiple positions, they can change schemes on the fly without needing new personnel. Truly adaptive.
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