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Dolphins Must get Chambers the ball more!


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Feb 16, 2002
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I am really happy with 95% of everything I see on our Offense so far, but we have to get Chambers 5 or so more passes per game. He is just so dangerous! I'm hoping he catches 10 balls vs KC......

Have any of you noticed how great his routes and run after the catch have been? AWESOME~

It would be nice to see CC have a break out performance, but the only thing we really have to do is keep openig holes for RW. If Rw keeps being sucsessfull everything in the passing game will come together.
Originally posted by chambers84

Me too!

But seriously.. I'd like to see CC get incolved more too... we need some respect for the passing game...Ricky has earned enough respect to get keyed on all day... let's open her up a little, and see what she'll do on the open road!!
I think this is the game that Jay, CC, Randy and Orande along with Konrad may have a shot at some game balls. Control the clock using Ricky enough to get 80 to 100 yards as the KC defense stacks the box and leaves their weekass secondary exposed for an arial attack.

CC should get the ball more as long as its not forced. We don't need Fiedler throwing into double coverage or my pet peeve, the WR standing on the line of scrimmage. The only forced pass I can see as appropriate is over throwing the long pass so the CBs don't stack the line.
I hope we burn them runing with RW (About 120) to get them Tired. Then, Start Throw about 10 passes to CC, 6 passes to Randy, 5 passes to Ward, and 3 passes to Gadsen...

These are my predictions:



Williams 21 rushes 120 yards 1 TD 5.7 avg.
Minor 12 rushes 48 yards 1 TD 4 avg.
Fiedler 4 rushes 26 yards 6.5 (one fumble, Rec. by Williams)
Konrad 4 rushes 12 yards 3 avg.
Lucas 1 rush 2 yards 2 avg.

Total Rushing: Att. 42, Yards 208, TDs 2, Avg. 4.95


Feidler 26/31 3 TDs 1 Int. 242 yards


Chambers: 8 rept. 108 yards, 2 TDs (1 drop, one under thrown) 13.5 yards per catch
McMicheals: 5 rept. 76 yards, 1 TD 15.2 yards per catch
Ward: 4 rept. 36 yards, (1 3rd and long drop) 9.1 yards per catch
Gadsen: 3 rept. 28 yards, 9.3 yards per catch
Williams 3 rept. 26 yards, 8.6
Konrad 3 rept. 20 yards, 6.6 yards per catch (2 drops)
Mcknight 0 rept. 0 yards, 0 yards per catch (1 drop)


Freeman: 9 Tackles, 1 int. 1 fumble rec.
Thomas : 9 Tackles, 1 Foced Fumble, 1 pass deflected
Rodgers : 7 Tackles
Greenwood : 6 Tackles
Marion : 6 Tackles, 1 int. 3 passes deflected
Madison : 6 Tackles, 2 int. 2 Passes defected
Fletcher : 5 Tackles, 2 Passes defected
O-gun : 4 Tackles, 1 sack
Talor : (IF PLAYS) 4 Tackles, 2 sacks
Bowens : 3 Tackles
Chester : 2 Tackles 1 deflected pass


Mare: 2/2 One of 40 yards and one of 37 yards
Royals: 4 punts Avg. of 46.89

SP teams:

Johnson: 2 Kick Rets. Avg. 26 yards
Johnon: 4 Punt Ret. Avg. 15 yards

Total: TD's 6 (Two running, 3 Rec., 1 TD on int. by Madison)

Total: O-yards 450

Total Miami allowed:

O-yards allowed 316
Passing yards allowed 197 plus 4 int. 1 TD
Rushing yards allowed 167 plus 1 fumble, 1 TD

Holmes: 88 yards on 19 carries 1 TD (left game sprianed ankle)
Green: 15/27 197 1 TD, 4 Ints

Miami:48 6 TDs 2 FGs
KC: 23 2 TDs 3 FGs

Gameballs: O-line and A.Freeman
I don't think Chambers is a concern right now. The offense has been basically unstoppable. I'm sorry if it hurts your fantasy team but right now we seem to be sending Chambers deep a lot and use him as a decoy to open up the middle of the field for guys like Gadsden, McMichael, and Ward. It seems to be working. Fiedler has been picked off 1 time all year.

Also, you know if we throw downfield more, we get more interceptions. Then everyone will start blaming Fiedler again and say he sucks. When you throw downfield, you get picked off a lot, that's why more teams don't do it more often. Just look at Kurt Warner. If you don't believe me, TRUST ME! Fiedler will get RIPPED if we throw downfield more. I've already seen it happen many times. I personally don't have a problem throwing downfield on 3rd down and getting picked off. It's like a short punt if you ask me with a high reward if it works. But other fans don't see it that way. They see it as being Fiedler's fault. Always, even if McKnight bobbles it at the one yard line and it gets picked off. It still goes on the stat-sheet as a pick and that means its all Fiedler's fault. Right guys?

Back to the original Chambers thing. If we are backing the safeties off by having Chambers go deep every play and that means we open up the middle of the field for other guys, I have no problem not throwing to him. It's a team game, not an individual game and maybe that's his job right now, being a decoy.
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