Dolphins Rookie Guards Took Lumps In The Preseason-opener, But There Are Promising Signs


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Aug 10, 2008
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Pattaya, Thailand
Josh Rosen spent most of his first game in a Miami Dolphins uniform running for his life. As soon as the quarterback entered the Dolphins’ preseason-opener against the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday, he was ready to dance and weave his way through traffic in the pocket at Hard Rock Stadium.

Some of Miami’s backups on the offensive line had entered the game by then. The interior, however, was mostly intact with rookie guards Michael Deiter and Shaq Calhoun staying in the game to block for Dolphins’ potential quarterback of the future.

There were more glaring weaknesses on the line to throw Rosen off kilter, but both guards had there mistakes, too. Deiter committe penalties at inopportune times. Calhoun got beaten a handful of times on inside moves. They were rookies starting for the first time in the NFL and they looked like it.
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