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Dolphins salary cap breakdown.....

Not to disappoint, but it is very hard to find up to date information on the salary. I've checked a few sites, and along with FinHeaven & Co, their salary info hasn't been updated since 2000.

I'm not sure, but perhaps the NFL made it so the salaries are undisclosed to the media or something? :confused:

If anyone has an up to date souce, please tell!
Re: not a website but....

Originally posted by QuebecFinsFan
You could take a look at Madden NFL 2002 on PSX2....:)
look for what :confused:
I think he means for salary cap numbers on our current players. That would be for the 2001 season though Quebec, it wouldn't pertain to this next year. Besides who knows if it is even accurate?
Another source....

could be

Check under Active player search

However, as of this weekend, that information wasn't available. Not sure if the Players Assc will continue to block it or if it's just to update.
I have Madden 2002, and the salaries are accurate, but they only show the base salaries of players.
The how much do they cost us thread

Since we all love talking about FA and who to sign we should pay close attention to the Cap and how much we have to work with. I thought we could post whatever Fin cap figures we know of here:


Tim Bowens ($8.7 million cap number for 2002) :eek:
Heath Irwin ($1.9 million)
Hunter Goodwin ($1.4 million)
Scott Galyon ($1 million)
J.J. Johnson ($534,000)
Brock Marion ($4.075 million) :eek:
O.J. McDuffie ($3.8 million) :eek:
Shawn Wooden ($900,000).
Jason Taylor ($7 million cap number for 2002) :eek:
Daryl Gardener ($6.8 million) :eek:
Sam Madison ($6 million) :eek:
Zach Thomas ($6 million) :eek:
Patrick Surtain ($5.7 million) :eek:

lots of :eek: 's
and from

Likely to stay as is

Name Pos. Cap num. Comment

Brent Smith T $1.3M Knee injury makes restructuring a possibility.

Tim Ruddy C $2.5M Dolphins can probably carry that number.
Derrick Rodgers LB $2.3M Signed four-year, $10M contract last March.
Olindo Mare K $1.9M Could get asked to restructure if necessary.
Mark Dixon G $1.5M Leg injury makes NFL future uncertain.
Oronde Gadsden WR $1.5M Good for 50-plus catches a season.
James McKnight WR $1.5M Needs better consistency in 2002.
Todd Perry G $1.3M Decent cap number for a starter.
Originally posted by dofnsman4303
O.J. Mcduffie can we cut him and not take any cap hits from signing bonuses?
I am pretty sure we got hit with it all last year and he is free this year if we cut him.
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