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Dolphins Tailgating


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Sep 3, 2001
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Hey Everyone,

I plan on flying down to Miami for a couple of games this year with some friends. This will be my first time watching the Dolphins live at Pro Player stadium. The only time I had a chance to watch the Fins live was at Veterans Stadium when Don Shula became the winningest coach in NFL history. I haven't missed a Fins game since 1994 or 95 on tv, thanks to Direct TV and Sports Bars :D . I know the tickets will not be on sale until early June, but these are the games I'm targeting:

1. Sept. 22 vs. Jets
2. Oct. 6 vs. Patriots
3. Nov. 17 vs. Ravens
4. Dec. 8 vs. Bears
5. Dec. 15 vs. Raiders

I plan on flying down and catching two of these games maybe three.

Will anyone on this board be tailgating at any of these games. If so, can we hook up. I want to hang out with some loyal Fin fans before the game and have a some fun drinking and eating with my fellow Fin brethren, this experience wouldn't be complete without it :D .
check this out

Go to the Board that displays "Tailgating" right underneath Miami Dolphins (Talk About Your Fins) when you log in.
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