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Dolphins: Taking the next step

Pretty good article but John has to check is info once and awhile:
"Jason Taylor battled back from an injury-marred 2000 season to return into being a star last season."
Didn't JT have 16.5 sacks in 2000 with a Pro Bowl berth alongside Trace Armstrong??? Maybe it was all just a pipe dream. :lol:
Haha I'd take a stab at Clayton for that one, but he is usually pretty reliable when it comes to Miami....but still....."slight" overlook on his part....
John Clayton does write some good articles, especially with regards to the FINS
Clayton's not the only one that needs to check his history. Jason Taylor had 14.5 sacks in 2000, it was Trace Armstrong that had 16.5 sacks. And both went to the Pro Bowl.

Is trace playing for the raiders this year?
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