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Dolphins - Titans Scrimmage Photos!!


Friday morning practice report
A couple observations from this morning practice...

First off, Eddie looks great. His determination is obvious. During pass drills with the running backs, he was running twice as hard after the catch as anyone else. I expect big things from him.

Didnt watch too much of the offensive work against the Dolphins, but did see McCareins completely manhandle one of their DBs at the line of scrimmage then burn him big time for the catch. If he stays healthy I could seriously see him challenging Dyson for the number 2 receiver slot by the end of the season.

I spent most of the time watching our defense work. Unless our plan is to lull other teams into a false sense of security with shoddy secondary work in preseason and turn it on in September, we are in trouble again. In both the 7 on 7 and 11 on 11 drills against the Dolphins offense we simply were not making plays. About the only balls the Phins receivers didnt catch were dropped passes. Plenty of good hits, but that doesnt matter if they still make the catch. Tony George was about the only DB I saw who really looked good. He broke up a couple plays just by hitting so hard the receiver couldnt hold on to the ball. If his coverage skills are up to snuff, I wouldnt be surprised if he beat out Aric Morris for the SS job. I think at the very least he's a shoe in for dime packages.

The other surprising thing was how many Dolphin fans were there. I saw Jeff and Titanium on the way in, and they warned me about it, but I was still shocked. There were a lot more people there today than their were for the practices against the Colts last year.

My observations:

There were a couple of plays that I saw where clearly there was a miscommuncation on our D and a Dolphin WR was wide open with about 10-15 yards before he was even touched.

There were some incredible hits by our secondary, some of the passes were still caught by the Dolphin receivers, yet some were broken up successfully.

The Dolphins have some large wr's and I think this hurt our somewhat smaller DB's.

Overall, I saw some good plays by the Dolphin's offense and some good plays by the Titan's defense.

Hard to really guage in a controlled practice like that.

And another

Way too soon to tell
First of all, a lot of the drills were 7-on-7 and involved no pass rush (no defensive line). It's the first time in about 8 months these guys have seen anyone other than their own teammates, so I didn't exactly expect them to come out and shut everything down. As far as I'm concerned, no one should be drawing any conclusions after just one two-hour practice session against another team.

It's true that there weren't a lot of passes defensed, but then again, there were a number of times when the Miami QB checked down to short passes near the line of scrimmage. It's hard to see everything at once (especially when there is a horde of media standing in your sight lines), but it's entirely possible that the downfield stuff just wasn't open very often.

I saw one or two "deep" completions -- one second team on second team, when Beckham let someone get by him. Another when Dyson fell or missed knocking the ball away trying to stay with Chambers over the middle (no easy task, IMO Chambers has the skills to become one of the better receivers in the league).

I, too, watched the defense the whole time this morning, but I know I wondered whether the Titans offense had that same kind of "success" on the Dolphins' D (which has a pretty darn decent and veteran secondary). I think the offenses always have a bit of an advantage early on, as the two teams feel each other out.

What impressed me, though, was how physical the Titans D was, even when there was supposedly no tackling. They were definitely hitting. Hard. I saw a couple of passes bounce off Dolphins receivers' hands and it made me wonder whether they were looking over their shoulders a little bit to see who was going to hit them next.

heheheheh....... I know I put the link up top. But I realized that I needed to be 100% accurate and specify!! I just got excited about sharing this stuff.
Funny that you mention that site, we are in an alliance together called the Fan2Fan Alliance, you'll find out more information later.
I heard a little something about it. Can't wait for the details.
Those reports make me very...very...very happy hehe.

I'm anxious to hear how their offense did against our D then. It sounds like McDropsies was true to form again. Also sounds like Ray Lucas and Jay Fiedler must have had very good days as they say that pretty much all the passes were on target the only ones they didn't complete were drops (McDrops most likely).

Chambers with another deep catch over the middle against a starting CB. WOOHOO! Wonder how McMichael did. In the wake of the whole JBrown thingamajig, especially after that extremely long post by PhinFanBo showing all the inaccuracies in just ONE DAYS worth of JBrown's reports, I find that I'm kinda startin back from scratch in terms of who is impressive and who is not. So I'm just gonna keep watch from now on, on who impresses at camps according to newspapers and other actual eye witnesses.
Now I'm just "waiting by the phone" for more reports. And we still have another afternoon session to wait on!!
CK, shoot me your e mail addy, I have some stuff for you
Howdy Phins fans, saw a couple posts you guys made on and thought I'd come over here and give you a little info on YOUR guys.

Like I said in my post (the first one posted in this thread) I spent most of the time watching the Titans D against the Phins O. Both Fiedler and Lucas looked good, they were throwing nice passes and really seemed in sync with your receivers. Gadsen was making some really good catches (but was wearing a long sleeved shirt that had the right sleeve cut off, weird). Ricky Williams looked good catching the ball but just so-so running it. He slipped in the backfield on one play with no defender within five yards of him. Also, I was really impressed with Jamar Fletcher in the field goal drills. He didnt block any kicks, but he was fast coming off the line and had several close calls. I'd be surprised if he doesnt block a kick or two during the season.

Mostly I was really surprised at how many of your fans were there. I went to a Titans/Colts practice, and even with all the Peyton Manning hype there I didnt see nearly as much Colts gear as I saw Phins gear today.

I'd wish you guys best wishes on your season, but I wanna wait til after the scrimmage tommorrow ;)
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Thanks a bunch Nigel. I think some of us might know the significance of the OG shirt. That shirt was mentioned in one of the articles about his clothing line. He mentioned how some styles and some shirts are just for him, like the long sleeved shirt with the right sleeve cut off.
No problem, I'll try to drop you guys a line after the scrimmage tommorrow, although I think it's hella cool that they're broadcasting it on the Dolphins website. Even though you probably get better details from some of the Phins fans who were there, I know getting any perspective helps when you cant be there.

Thanks for the info about Gadsen's shirt. Its funny, I was out there with my Dad, he said he was probably just doing it to be different, to keep people guessing. It certainly was that.
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