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Dolphins vrs Bills score?

Bills 52 - Dolphins 51 Bills break Tua and White. Skylar comes in with a late drive, Bills break him too. Jake Bailey finishes the game at QB for the Dolphins. You heard it here first.
Sorry fellas...

Bills 27 Miami 24

Crowd will be rabid.. If Connor is out and Liam is our center our OL may not keep Tua upright all game..

If Connor is back I'll rethink my position but I think Miami loses its first game. Only thing that matters is keeping the offensive core intact. MIlano and the Bills will be head hunting..
Yeah, it seems like people don’t realize Allen is a wildcard in both directions. He could make an amazing throw or force a stupid turnover any play.
It's always been the same with Allen. Get in his head he makes mistakes. Capitalize on those mistakes and he gets more desperate. Desperation leads to more mistakes and the game becomes an easy manageable cruise control for qualified teams. Rinse and repeat. It's when you let Allen start building up his confidence is when you get issues. Pressure and turnovers and the Bills turn into a college team via Allen.
Just win, The phins need to blitz and tackle Allen, Allen will call his own number just to be part of their scheme, Kadar will be tested repeatedly because of his size, I would put Cam Smith in this game and let him body up with Gabriel Davis, let's not give Buffalo the ball back on some bonehead play or decision, Running the rock will shorten the game, make Matt Milano work (he plays dirty). Tua should take what positive yards is presented and only throw to down and distance.
I have a better appreciation for this team after yesterday's win. I can honestly say we should be able to pull off a win if we play the way we did yesterday.
With that said
Miami 34
Buffalo 27
Weather should be good.

Bills DB's do not match up well at all with the speed receivers of Miami.

If we score TD's and not be held to FG's this will be a high scoring game.

Bills 17
Dolphins: 38
How many of you have what it takes to root for the jests on SNF?
I can...I just can't root for the Pats/Bills no matter what. Even if a Bills win puts Miami into the playoffs, I'm not rooting "for" them, but against their opponent ;)

But they have ZERO shot Sunday night, unless they take out Mahomes...KC is back to their norm.
It will probably be a 14-10 game, seems like these things always occur when the anticipation of a shootout is there. Anyway, I am not a betting man but a Bills victory seems like the bet, no?

1. Miami coming off a historic win, just a thorough embarrassing blowout. Many times, a letdown game happens.
2. Bills home-field advantage

If we win and go to 4-0 beating the Chargers, Patriots, and Bills on their turf we are sitting as pretty as that LSU's Gymnast behind. I hope we don't have a meltdown and I truly don't think we will as we seem to be built differently. If we play without mistakes ie, turnovers we should prevail in a tough one. I pray for no self inflicted plays like really bad snaps, S Teams miscues etc. Let's hope for a fast start and keep their backs to the wall for a bit.
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