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"Dolphins will sign Robert Baker"


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Jul 20, 2002
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This morning on WQAM Howard David said that the Phins will sign Robert Baker to take over K-offs.

(Travis Minor was slated to return K-offs this week against the PATS.)

He did not specify when but he did say it would happen.
I'd like to see this guy finally get a chance to play in the NFL.

Give the guy a chance!!
Good...he should have been on the roster all along.
I'm really glad to hear that he's coming back. I liked his effort and, from what I saw of him in preseason, I thought he was the best of the three competing for the job. A.J. was starting to come on but now we'll see what Baker can do.

Hopefully he'll be so inspired by his second shot at football that he'll come on and run one back for a TD!
It will be interesting to see how he will be utilized if they do indeed bring him in, since his best performances came as a WR and not as a K-off returner......

By this I mean, do we have him as our 4th WR and have McNight as the full time kick returner or do we have him return kicks and leave McNight as the 4th WR.

R. Baker has been around a while and therefore knows this offense so I can see him comming right in as our 4th WR and he's shown pretty good hands also; at least better than McNight.

What do you guys think???
Robert Baker has shown the abilities to do a good job as a kick returner. In fact if you look at pre-season, I think he had a higher average than Albert Johnson on both kick returns AND punt returns. He showed break-away ability LAST year and the year before in pre-season and training camp as a kick returner, but for some reason wasn't given very many oppurtunities to win the job this year. Probably because Albert Johnson had higher credentials coming in from the CFL.

But, I think he can be a game-breaker for us as a kcik/punt returner. Although, I still would like to see what McKnight can do back there.
Originally posted by grooves12
Although, I still would like to see what McKnight can do back there.
has any coach ever mentioned McKnight :confused:

Ward was a PR for the Jets
Minor has been listed as a KR for a while.

Let Travis have his time he is active each game anyway. We probably need more DBs rather than another WR since Norv never use 4 WR sets.
I know McKnight has a case of the drops...but damn is he fast. Would you risk it for his speed? Drop one back halfway in case he muffs it? Tough decision...buy mercy can he speed.
If he does get signed, I for one would give him a standing ovation for even making it out on the field - after 4 years of sweaty, sweltering Dolphin training camps, the guy will have finally made it on an NFL roster...

Come on Robert!!!
You know if this turns out to be true, I will be extremely happy, often times these types of stories (about being cut and let go and such) come back to bite that team in the ass as in said player going to another team and stepping up...i.e. Robert Edwards. Hopefully Baker shows everyone why he should have been on the team in August and breaks one against the Patriots or Broncos depending on when he comes in!

:monkey: 53-man roster, it should be 54!
Johnson getting more chances (on kicks) had nothing to do with credentials. He was the more explosive player in special teams. Baker used to be a great kick returner before he blew out his knee. Hell, he was a lock to make the team in '99.
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