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Dominate up the middle again?


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Sep 2, 2001
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Reports are that Daryl Gardener's back is looking good, and Wannstedt said he expects him to put in a full season. This coupled with the news that Bowens is probably going to stay for less money sounds good to me.

Dolphins | Expect to Re-Sign Three Out of Five - posted at KFFL (
7:48 PT: The Miami Herald reports the Miami Dolphins are confident they won’t lose too many of their potential free agents. There are five the team is concerned with and they want to re-sign at least three. The five are DT Tim Bowens, S Brock Marion, S Brian Walker, DE Kenny Mixon, and DE Lorenzo Bromell. Marion is expected to be released because of his $4 million price tag. Bowens wants to stay with the Dolphins and could take less money than he would make with another team to stay.

Now, with David Bowens, and Maybe Bromell, or Mixon back at DE, the line would look solid.

I hope the doctors and Dave are right, I hope Daryl comes back strong in '02.
Daryl finally took an extended period of time off. I am being optimistic, perhaps, but I think he will be fine. I hope that back will hold up the entire season. He's a GREAT player when healthy.

Earnest Grant and Haley will be solid backups, as well, at DT. We are probably going to add another DT via the draft, too.

I think we'll be in good shape along the line if we re-sign Timbo and either Bro or Mixon.
A DT in the fourth or fifth round would be a good idea.(If we don't take one in the 2nd, assuming we get a 2nd from the Saints) Nate Dwyer would be a nice pick in the 4th.
looks like TimBo may go the way of Webb and not be signed because we can get someone cheaper, but even if we sign someone to start next DG, we need to draft a big stud DT around the 4th round or so in case DG cannot go all 16+
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