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Donovan Greer a Dolphin?


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Oct 15, 2001
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Dolphins likely to sign former Bills CB Greer

Posted by David on 7/07/02 , @11:40 pm

Donovan Greer
South Florida based NFL Agent Drew Rosenhaus is reporting that the Miami Dolphins are likely to sign former Bills CB Donovan Greer.

Rosenhaus says that the Dolphins' first choice at CB was Terrell Buckley but he is expected to sign with Tampa Bay instead. Therefore, the Fins are turning their attention to Greer.

Furthermore, Greer spent two seasons with the Bills in '98 and '99 as a reserve defensive back. If he is to sign with Miami, Greer will join former Bills OT Marcus Spriggs, G Jamie Nails, and DE David Bowens down south.

Finally, Rosenhaus is very close to the Dolphins’ organization; therefore his insight should be paid attention to.

Source: WSVN's Sports Extra - Drew Rosenhaus
Can I ask WHY? Is Fletcher sucking that bad? What was all this talk about Ray Green being such a stud?

Must have just been talk. I don't get it, Greer is nothing to write home about
why is it seen that fletcher

is in danger as #3cb.....he gets full first shot at it, neither T Buck, Greer or Ray Green are being thought of as anything but dime 4th cbs, and you do need 4 good corners if at all looking at cbs is no slight on fletcher....just as miami drafting fletcher was no slight on surtain and madison as starters.......quality depth/cover at corner thats all it is.....and as for greer, well i hope its T Buck....greer is not the playmaker buck would be as a #4 cb
The truth is, the Dolphins coaches are just not comfortable with Fletcher as the number 3 CB. In the minicamps, Chambers burned Fletcher with regularity, that is why they are searching for a veteran to come in and compete. It is said that Ray Green had tailed off a bit in the later minicamps after starting out like a house on fire so he is no sure thing either.
look at 2001 when we signed Cousins and he beat out Fletch - I would rather have Lowe and Greer and Green and Brown and all others in camp competing to make the roster as the #4 CB if we can afford them; particularly since Greer w/b the only vet.
Donovan Greer won't even be able to challenge Fletcher for some nickel time, TBuck would have been able to at least mount a challenge. Greer is just insurance in case Ray Green falls apart when pads come on. I mean you have to admit, he wasn't considered any good until he all the sudden was lookin hot in minicamps without least we know Greer has played before and can hold up. We don't know that about Green.
In this league you can not have enough quality CB's...Remember they might and do get hurt..remember last year Sam went down..thank God we had when Flecther did step in we still had a lot of quality CB's..If Cousins had not been with us and flecther was 3. who would have stepped in and do the job??? I say get an insurance package called a vet. It can pay off by him teaching the younger ones and being there if really needed..Like keeping a ace in a jar,,just in case or emergencies break open.
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