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Don't be surprised if...


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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
We don't look very sharp today. I will never say Miami will lose, but this gam ehas me scared due to all our injuries. Every game we play w/out our #1 lt and lg, and our DT. Add to that our 3 top wrs have been hurt all week, #2 cb has a broken finger, and our #1 olb is out, and our qb has a bad elbow. Then our o-cordinator accepted another job yesterday. I hope we can pull this off.
We are playing ATLANTA! If Jay can throw, we will tear apart their defense. If we can stop their pathetic passing game, we can stop their offense. We match up very well against Atlanta because they can't defend the pass, and they can't run. We have been passing well, but we can't stop the run, and since they can't run, we should win easily.
it's game day!

Today we will see what we are all about. I think we will have a solid showing and have an awesome game. Chandlers 400+ passing last week does concern me a bit though, but I think we will contain him because we ARE GOING TO BLITZ.....RIGHT.......?????????????? Anyway, good luck fellow fans! LETS ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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