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Draft games to kill time....


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Jul 18, 2004
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Anyone have any draft games? I swear I saw a post sometime in the last couple weeks for making a mock with points going for team/player picked/position. Also my roommate is a Giants fan, and he is part of the BBWC message board, they set up a draft game, assigning everyone who wanted to participate a team, and made it like a real draft, where you had to trade for that team. Obviously they didnt do it likethe real NFL draft where you get 15,10, or 5 min, I think he said each person got a 2 hour spand on a certain day. Anyone interested in setting something like this up, just to kill some time?

PS: My roommate and I live for football, all we do is talk football, and ironically he got assigned the Dolphins....haha.
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