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Draft Insider - Pre-Combine Notes 5.0


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Update Feb 14th - Valentine's Day Special - Wide Receivers and Tight Ends
February 14th

- I am told Keenan Allen/WR/Cal has not looked anything special in combine training nor has he separated himself from the almost dozen wide outs he’s working out with in Florida. Its not that Allen has been bad rather he does not show the “wow” factor you want to see in a potential top twelve pick.

- On the other hand I am told Stedman Bailey/WR/West Virginia has really stood out and could be the surprise at receiver during the combine. He’s run terrific routes, caught everything in sight and is running very fast. The comparison to former USC receiver Steve Smith is being made and like Smith, Bailey could end up in the second round.

- Another wide out that’s been impressive is Conner Vernon of Duke. He’s shown some of the most consistent hands in training and runs outstanding routes. One other thing to keep an eye out for; I’ve been told though Vernon does not have the breakaway speed, as evidenced by his tape, he runs the fastest ten yard splits of anyone he’s training with (including the aforementioned Allen and Bailey). His problem if from 20-to-40 yards. That being the case, Vernon will get a lot of looks from teams that run the west coast offense based on his ability to get off the line. I’m also told Vernon is a “solid kid” which will further help his cause.

- Ryan Swope of Texas A&M has also looked terrific in the lead up to the combine. Scouts estimated Swope runs in the mid 4.5’s but I hear the reality is different. He’s been running in the low 4.4’s during training and has stood out in the jumps and agility drills. Most are already familiar with his sensational pass catching skills but if Swope is able to turn some heads at the combine with his athleticism and speed then say hello second round.
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Thanks for the Info G....Maybe its me but Swope doesn't show to me on film a guy running 4.5's but a lil faster considering he runs away from cb's


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Is Davone Bess our slot WR or do we replace him with Swope? I expect demand for Swope to pick up and the early buzz that he would be available in the 3rd round seems optimistic. I can see the Colts swooping on him as the go-to guy for Luck. I could even see Belichick swooping on him as Wes Welker's replacement. So if Mike Sherman wants Swope we will probably have to take him in the second round.
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