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Dreams do come true!!!!


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Dec 1, 2001
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These were the thoughts I posted on 12-24-01:

I think part of why the fans are so frustrated is this has been one the top 4 teams in the league the past 4-5 years. They are cosistently close to making a run at a bowl . But for some reason there seems to be some element missing every year that holds them back. So close, yet so far!!! I beleive the fans know that you don't stay this good this often for long! We know the lean years will be here sooner than we want. I just hope that we can keep a good core of players, draft well, stay healthy and stay in the running. And just be able to have fun watching our Phins.
Speaking of which, the more I think about it, the more I think next years top priority should be a franchise RB. I was thinking the obvious of OL help or a DE to pass rush, but it's about time this team went out and got a back that will be one of the tops in the league. If they are serious about running the ball, then dammit, go get a marquis back. Move up in the draft if you have to. I'm tired of this team having pretty good backs, I want someone who will dominate. I want an E. Smith, a C. Martin, a E. George, a Bettis, a E. James, M. Faulk, M. Anderson, A. Green. On sunday I watched the Browns convert a 3rd and 1 for gods sake, why the hell can't we do it!?!?! Just think what it would be like when you think Miami Dolphins, you think about their ground attack. Go out and build a Doomsday Offense, or a Doomsday running game anyway.
Tired of being pushed around.

I'm so happy :cry:
its exactly what we needed and definately worth the draft picks we gave up for ricky...i remember feakin out for a week when the trade talk was going on at the combine...it was all over the papers...i remember saying to one of my friends-what are they waiting for just get him...give up 2 #1 draft picks who cares...we are not going to get this caliber rb in the draft and we pick in the late 20s every year...just make the trade and we will probably give up both 1st rounders but im happy and he gives the team a chance to get to the next level and he is only 25 years old...
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