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Eagles - Fins Friday injury report

Looks like the Iggles are going to have Terrell Edmunds and rookie Sydney Brown starting at safety. And the corners are playing banged up.

Good luck, mother****ers. Better win that TOP something like 50:10.
I don’t expect us to ever win the TOP as quick as we normally score but we need to keep it closer than we have all season....our defense needs to get off the field to help us with that
All their best guys are playing
If that's the case then their non elite starters that are out will have backups playing for them in the secondary that weren't good enough to beat those "marginal" starters out for the starting job. Those backups will be playing this week. That might be better than having elite players missing if the drop off is a significant one.
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Needham has been practicing but is he ready for full action or Vic have confidence in him?
I can’t take anymore BS fake ass Eagle injury reports
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