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Educate an Idiot.


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Mar 10, 2002
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We may get a very good OL'man

So far, as of pick 26, there have been only 3 OL'men picked.
This is great news for us.
Now, there may be a "chain reaction effect" if a couple guys get picked in a row, it could start a slew of similar picks.
Let's hope not.
How is Fonoti still in it after 38... it's too bad we couldnt trade up to get him. He will be a great OG. And Gurode got picked before him! Colombo was a surprise.
The first guard was just picked (Gurode)

Maybe Toniu Fonoti will fall to a spot we can move up to in a trade? Who knows...
Man, can you imagine how big of a steal it would be if Toniu fell down to the top of the third (We MIGHT have a chance at moving up to the top of the third. I really doubt we'll be able to move up to the bottom of the second, though :(
Simmons will play OG in the NFL, so he was first. Colombo wasn't that big a suprise, he was late 1st/early 2nd prospect, and got picked in the late 1st.....

Fonoti is a shocker....really
Let's just deal 2004's first rounder right now for Toniu! It would be similar to the deal we made with the Panthers a few years ago for Surtain (We dealt a first round pick to get Surtain in the second, but the first round pick we dealt was two years after the draft we took Surtain in. Toniu is a first-round talent, and he shouldn't be on the boards right now, so he's worth the first-rounder, as far as I am concerned!)

The stupid Chargers just took him.
:lol: I think we should try to trade into the end of the second and get Dennis Johnson from Kentucky.
Ok guys, who is left that we still have a real shot at for DE, LB, OT or OG, and TE?

If Marquise Walker (WR) falls to us (A possibility!), we're probably going to take him if we have him rated over the guys at your "need" positions. And it'd be hard to disagree with the pick.

I would rather see us take a guy who should have been drafted in the second round (Walker) than pick a third round rated TE, for example.
Eric Heitmann
Terrance Metcalf
Dennis Johnson
Alex Brown

TE position is really weak now. We got 20 picks to go!
Yes, I agree blitz. Walker is an absolute stud and should have been gone a long time ago. If somehow he falls down to us (that is almost impossible) then I would pounce on him. He is a copy of Oronde Gadsden but younger and faster. Heck, he might have better hands. I wouldn't mind taking him.
I'm sitting here half-hoping we trade up to get him RIGHT NOW, just like we traded up last year to grab Chris Chambers in the second round.

We could get another super duper steal at the WR position, possibly.
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