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Entirely my fault


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Sep 3, 2001
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Sterling Heights, MI
Hey everyone,

Our past 8 losses to the Jets is entirely my fault. Now, before you go telling me it's not, here is my reasoning.

Pre 1997, we owned the Jets, I believe like 7 of 8 games we won. I then entered college, and my disgusting roommate was a Jets fan. We started losing to the Jets beginning that fall.

As the years progressed, I would see us consistently lose to the Jets from school.

Fortunately for all of us, school is now over for me. We will no longer be losing to the Jets.

:lol: :cool: :lol:

Go Miami MNF, beat the Dolts!!
Thank GOD you graduated! Could you hold off on your Master's degree for awhile? :lol:
You might want to check out your roommates background before you room with them next time :D ;)
I wish you could of graduated early, but later is better than never.:) We will beat the Jets now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank god!

i thought it was my fault. i always told the jets how they were gonna get smacked like a bug!:D

hey flyin, what happened to the smilies? it was there yesterday!:(
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