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ESPN's coverage was LAME!


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Oct 25, 2006
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The one thing I've liked about ESPN this year and Kornheiser in particular, is that they aren't affraid to criticise and ask tough questions.

They are in love with Saban and didn't once mention his failures as a coach at the beginning of both seasons seriously ruining any chances at a post season run. They didn't once mention how poorly Joey has played this entire year and that he's been no different than he was when he was in Detroit.

I can't stand Young. He came out a few weeks ago and said that JH should be the starter? That he was the reason for the Dolphins turning things around? Those statments made him look like a moron. So, instead of focusing on how poorly JH has actually played and was playing, he decided to focus on a non-existent character flaw that CPEP has had while with the Dolphins.

That guy and Michael Irvin should both be put on an island somewhere and they can both stair at each other and drool about how great they think they were and never got enough recognition. Can you imagine how many td's Marino would have had in one game and one year with TO and Rice on his team?
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