Everybody's doing it! mock draft


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Jan 31, 2010
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Lehigh Valley, PA
FA: Dansby

1. Everson Griffen. DE/OLB 280LBs with speed.
recent mocks have him up around our spot in the draft, i would love to trade down to pick him up but i dont see that happening with the combine coming.

2. D Thomas WR. has all the makings to become a possible #1. also like C. Thomas DT here.

3. Graham TE. big player with upside. Give Henne a new target

4. Micah Johnson ILB. Injury might drop stock but would be an upgrade if he gets healthy.

6 ROb Johnson FS. Get some competition going. tell Wilson his job is not secure, Let Clemons and Johnson fight him for the spot and (hopefully) lift each others play.

6 Oghobaase DT. will probably be gone but would be excellent value.

6? OG? CB?
7? ILB? RB?
7? ???????

thats all i have for now..

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