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Everyone thinking trade down, DUH!


Jun 3, 2004
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Austin, TX
Posted in Pro Football Weekly:

Several items taken discussing the various editors thoughts on the draft...

7. Which team will make the most trades during the seven-round draft?

Bikoff: Dolphins. Nick Saban wants draft picks and needs the new blood to rebuild this once-proud franchise.
Edholm: Eagles. They are motivated to move up  one of the few teams who want to  and have the picks to make moves.
Holbrook: (tie) Eagles, Dolphins. Eagles have 13 draft picks and not enough spots on their roster to accommodate that many young players. Dolphins want to keep trading down and adding picks.
Modglin: Bucs, Dolphins or Vikings. The Bucs have 11 tradable picks, and Nick Saban would love to add more bodies in Miami.

9. Which team is most likely to trade down?

Bikoff: Dolphins. In an effort to get Saban his picks.
Edholm: Dolphins. Miami wants it the worst, and I think some team will meet their needs.
Holbrook: Dolphins. (see above)
Modglin: Dolphins. Someone probably will not want to wait for Braylon Edwards (Minnesota) or whichever quarterback is left to fall to them.
Wilkening: Dolphins. But can they stick to the Jimmy Johnson Value Chart?

Well, you heard it here first. I guess...Cant wait till Saturday morning, this is getting frustrating!
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