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Extend Ogbah and Baker?


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Sep 13, 2020
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speaking of Lawson he was what a top 25 pick. Would anyone be happy with that level pro return in a top 25 pick? I know I wouldn’t. Just another example of why in this scheme I don’t see the need to overdraft edge players.

to me Lawson should be a year to year guy tbe rest of his career as in he signs for 1 year. Prove it every year.

anyways no I haven’t looked at Oweh yet so I couldn’t say but I do think Miami is unlikely to invest in an early pick full time on the los de.

I see them more in the off ball or hybrid on/off ball lb market than anything else defensively. In terms of front 7 early draft investment

and I would agree with you I do think there is a deal to be had that meets both parties with regards to ogbah I’m just not in a rush to make it. He should also probably understand that the success he’s having here in our scheme probably won’t be replicated in another and in terms of that maybe he should take a bird in hand type offer from Miami if/when it does come.

Sorry, I thought you were a Penn State guy. I'm with you in general, and this kinda backs up your point.

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