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Jan 29, 2010
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Early for some, but for me its been a running topic with buddies for a few months already. Fantasy football.

At the moment I am in 2 leagues, and possibly starting up a dynasty league this summer (maybe :up:)

Anyway, to the point, I have a quick question for you guys on an already-established league in regards to my keepers (dolphins players of course), and also wanted to share something fantasy-relevant with other phin fans to help them in their leagues, something i dare not share with actual league mates.

So the question:

I have the option to keep 2 players, but must keep 1. The players are:

Lamar Miller: pick 18 (round 2)
Carlos Hyde: pick 38 (round 4)
Jarvis Landry: pick 43 (round 5)

So I'm 100% sure I want to keep Landry, he is a PPR machine and really consistent. I am leaning towards also keeping Lamar Miller at 18. I didn't think it was great value at first, as Miller has been going between picks 10 and 24ish in most of the 10-team mock drafts I have done. But after some deeper analysis, I think I was wrong.

This is a PPR league, and I expect Miller to get the kind of volume to warrant top 5-6 RB #s (220 carries, 50 receptions) and I dont think I can get that kind of RB value at 18 after looking at some of the other keepers in the league... They are all WRs... its crazy.


Danny Woodhead
Mark Ingram
Todd Gurley
Duke Johnson

Sammy Watkins
Brandon Marshall
Julian Edelman
Allen Robinson
Emmanuel Sanders
Alshon Jeffrey
Mike Evans
Devante Parker
Keenan Allen
Amari Cooper
John Brown
Eric Decker
Larry Fitzgerald

None of these keepers other than Mike Evans are higher than a 3rd round pick. I think that with that many top tier players (not top 10 but top 40), a lot of players in my draft are going to be pushed up the board. Also, because so many of the keepers are WRs, I think the other guys might go heavy on the RBs in top of the draft. So to me that says Miller could be a steal at 18. I also don't think the value of other WRs on the board will be too hot with most likely Dez, Jordy, AJ, Hopkins, Julio, ODB, Demaryius most likely to be drafted already. I'd be looking at maybe Brandon Cooks or Randall Cobb level players.

Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated. I am also curious who people might take at pick #3. I know that Antonio Brown is pick 1, and LevBell is pick 2. I am leaning towards Julio, Odell, or David Johnson.

The format for this league is 3WR/3RB/1TE/1Flex which means i could start 4WR or 4 RB or 2TE....

The tidbit I wanted to share with finheaven is a podcast i've not been listening to, religiously, or watching on youtube/

"The Fantasy Footballers" and right now they do a 1hour show on tuesdays and thursdays but as the season gets closer I'm pretty sure they do 7 days a week. The show is so good, great content and entertainment. You'll thank me if you haven't seen the show yet & thanks again for any help on my keepers.

p.s any info on a dynasty league start up would be appreciated, i've never done one.


Sep 22, 2005
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I'd keep Miller In Houston he could be a beast. Not sure I would take David Johnson over beckham and Julio but I'm partial to going wr's. Rb's seem to pop up thru the year


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Aug 5, 2009
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I would keep Miller, he should get a lot of work in Houston. You said that you MUST keep one, if your team is absolute garbage, do you still have to keep one player? I've seen teams in my leagues that I wouldn't want to keep anyone if I were the owner; just curious.

I'm in a dynasty league, so I can probably answer some questions for you. We are about to begin year 3; I'm not the commissioner, so any setup questions may be difficult for me to answer but I can try.

I'll start out with saying that you may want to start out by going to a pay site for the league; this can be incorporated into dues, so it won't be too much more per team. I say this because I don't think Yahoo/ESPN or other free sites allow you to access the sites year round; you also have more flexibility with settings on the paid sites: we use

The first year we played, the draft took forever (we also play IDP, so we have 7 defensive players as well). We had two drafts, in the first draft (20 rounds) you couldn't take any rookies. After that was done, we had a 15 round new player draft (which occurs every year). In this draft, we take rookies or any other players you would like to fill out your roster.

During the season, we have the rosters lock after a certain week (usually week 10 or 11). This makes you think more about injuries; I personally pickup an extra kicker and defensive players before this period to cope with any injuries.

During the offseason, we have free agency. All rookies are protected and you select 9 other players to protect. We number our roster and draw numbers out of a hat. If that number hits a player on your team that isn't protected, you lose him to free agency. After this happens, we have to cut our rosters down to 20 guys and then we have our new player draft.

It's pretty fun and i recommend it to anyone. Sorry if this is longer than what you were asking for, I don't come on here unless I'm slow at work so I wanted to give you something before you asked any questions.


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Sep 6, 2004
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hard call but keep miller based on this years draft positions and draft beckham
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