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Farve in for only 1 play?


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Nov 2, 2002
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Was anyone else here watching fox weekend news today on the Fox News Channel? Tony Snow had a segment where he was interviewing James Brown. He asked him about Farve. Brown said Farve may come in to start the game for 1 play just to keep his streak alive.

I don't know if he had information to back that up or if he was just stating his opinion?
Not going to happen, If Favre can get in the game, he won't come out. The streak, while great, is not as important as his health, or the season. Mike Sherman won't risk Brett for the sake of extending the record. I doubt Brett would even agree to a plan like that. It's just the media talking BS.
Well Brett did engage in that bogus sack last year for a record.
I think he will probably play too. Brown did not sound like he had any reason for saying that other than just to hear himself talk. All the FOX sports guys are like that.
o quick note Miami has won 9 out of the 10 meetings from these 2 teams
Favre is a warrior that has done whatever it takes to keep dragging his body onto the football field. Whether it meant painkillers or not who cares, u gotta respect that kinda mentality from a qb that has brought alot to the game. IMO i would be shocked if he would do something like coming in for one play. Maybe hes telling the coaches that, but then he plans to stay on the field? Once that guy walks out on the field he aint leaving, unless hurt or they have the game wrapped.
Am I the only person sick of the media hyping up crap just to have something to do. I'm sick of the over exagerations they portray just to have something. Then they have the nuts to say they report the facts. Bull crap. I've read more truth in a Dr. Seuss book then from these bozo's.
:monkey: media
That would never happen. I know about the fall to Strahan and all, but Favre has too much class to do that. He is going to play no matter how hurt he is and I don't think Mike Sherman would let him go in for 1 play anyways. He will play Monday night, he is a gamer and wouldn't miss the Monday night spotlight or any other game unless he couldn't move.
Favre wil play, IMO.The Packers sure do got one heck of a QB on their hands with him.IMO, we could do some serious damage to the rest of the NFL if we had him.Oh well.I will just settle for serious damage to the Pack Monday night.
Originally posted by Phinstd
Well Brett did engage in that bogus sack last year for a record.

I recognize that it is fashionable to believe that Favre took a dive to give Strahan "THE SACK". I recognize that nothing I or anyone else says is going to change the conventional wisdom in this regard because the national media has made such a hoo-hah.

In Favre's (and the Packers') defense though, over the years, I've seen Favre audible into that naked bootleg to his right so many times...and I've seen him make many a DE look stupid doing it, particularly one pursuing a record ... that I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt here. Yes, he did slide, but who wouldn't with a Strahan geared for head-on collision?

Many Packers fans believe that he took a dive ... personally, I don't...then again, my opinion and a bus token won't get you across town.
Our media is reporting Favre took most of the snaps at Saturdays practice. Not having to have the knee heavily taped, just wearing a knee brace, has allowed more mobility and his pass accuracy is back. I think this is all just a smoke screen so Wanny and his boys don't have time to game plan for our secret weapon...Doug "The Laser" Pederson!
By the way, I think he took a flop. Surprised I was, care I don't.:o
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