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Feedback on the Great Blue North mock?

#9 and #25 are not enough for the #2 pick.

If someone wants our #2 they better offer more then that. Dropping down out of the top 7 would kill me. We HAVE to get one of the running backs and they won't be there at #9 in my opinion.
Don't bother...

These two sites are well respected and I wanted intelligent feedback. Your message doesn't qualify.
dolphinheel said:
These two sites are well respected and I wanted intelligent feedback. Your message doesn't qualify.

At this point it is pretty obvious that the Skins traded into the 25 pick to get Cambell. Why would they trade next year's 1st to Denver to get into the 1st round this year if they still wanted to move up??? If the whole point was to get the #2 pick they would have packaged #9, next years #1 and a player to make the move directly with us.

The whole move up thing from the skins is a pathetic attempt at hiding the fact they want cambell at 25.
Great point! Only problem is that everyone on the planet knows they want Campbell and their front office will look like idiots if they get snaked by somebody.
On ESPN they said there was a "leak" ( for real leak not fake ) at Redskin land and they were trying to find out who let the cat out of the bag that the Redskins want Campbell.
They flew their friggin team jet down there for everyone to see! What fools.
I wouldnt like that draft at all. Rodgers, White and Shelton? No thanks. And it would take more than 9 and 25 to move up to number 2.
While I wouldn't be disappointed to get Rogers I would be shocked at getting #9 and #25 for the 2nd overall. Throw in the 2nd rounder and I might be more willing.
just throwing this out there.....Miami trades the #2 to Cleveland(for Edwards) for Cleveland's #3 overall and either there 2nd(preferably) or 3rd round pick.

Then Washington trades #9, #25, and either Ramsey or Gardner for the #3 pick. I'd of course prefer a #1 next year instead of a player...and it'd be about right compensation....but Washington doesn't have a 1st or 3rd next year.

This is not a's obviously something I just came up with ('cause it's not that great!). But Saban keeps talking about picks this would give us #9, #25, cleveland's 2nd,,,,and the rest of what we already have. throw in Surtain for KCs 2nd rounder (possilby) abd we go from 5 picks to 8 picks this year and an possibly an additional pick from KC next year...based on a 2nd and 4th for Surtain.

Another team to think about is Phili with all there picks...6 I think before the end of the 3rd round. This of course would/could make it even more interesting. If I were GM...which I'm not...I attempt the trade with Cleveland for an additonal 2nd (them fearing we'll take Braylon), trade down again with possibly SD (so they have a shot a Mike Williams..who I personally want us to draft.) then trade down a last time all the way to Phili for at least 4 of their 6 picks before the 4th round. I'm all about stockpiling 10 or more picks before the 4th round. That truly IS where the meat of this draft is.

all that said, we won't do any of that stuff. I'm also beginning to think we may not get the trade down offers that Saban would like. I'm hoping that the Edwards and Smith "interest" is just for drumming up interest for the sake of a trade because I don't really want either one but I'd take smith before edwards.

I still like, at #2 or wherever, Mike Williams or Caddy Williams.

blah blah blah.....that was fun. :) and by far my craziest post yet.;)
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