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Fidler nice fit to Norv Turner's Offense

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add Todd Archer/Palm Beach Post to the "not a Pete Prisco sh!thead" writer list :D
Originally posted by MDFINFAN
The Sporting News throughts.

Pretty much match the observations of you guys when you go the practices and report..This is good news.

Maybe he got his info from
A couple of thoughts,
First, the TE position...while reading this, the thought occurred to me that niether one of these players is capable of being a full time starter but if they both prove to be able to play Norv's offense effectively by rotating with each other, I think it could work out to our benefit. Much the same way Goodwin and Weaver swicthed back and forth last year, Mayes and Weaver can do the same thing. The benefit is, that it won't be so cut and dried(pass or run) depending on who was in there and it would keep both of them fresher for the fourth quarter. Am I way off?
Second, I have an old Dolphin flag. The kind you roll up in your car window.The one and only time I ever flew that flag, we got beat by Jacksonville in the playoffs. I went outside and tore it off the window about halfway through the second quarter and it has been safely locked in a closet since then.
Well, I'm going to take it out again.............and burn it! I don't want to be responsible for any bad karma befalling this team. The only way we don't contend to the end is if we get hit by injuries and I'm not taking any chances.........I urge the rest of you purge any evil items you may have locked away also......
Happy bonfire!
Now where are my marshmellows.....?;)
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