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Fiedler, HURRY BACK!!!


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Sep 25, 2002
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Lucas is on the verge of being pulled for anybody. Even the announcers are wondering what the hell he is doing. Our defense is playing like champs while Lucas keeps giving the game away. I hope we can pull this out somehow but I don't know how with the way Lucas is playing.
He is blowing it. He looks awful, but remember he doesn't have much to throw to.
Lucas could have had 7 or 8 pics today if Buffalo would have held on to the balls thrown right to them. Lucas sucked big time today. I coulnd't stand it when he would make a crappy play(almost every play) then stand there waving the team to come back into the huddle or start clapping to himself. What the hell was that? Obviously he is decent only in preseason or when the season is over and no pressure as with the Jets that one year.
It wasn't rust, he just stunk till the very last play of the game. I don't see how we can beat Green Bay no matter who comes back if Lucas is starting. I sure hope Wanny pulls him by halftime against Green Bay if he starts this crap again and puts Sage in to spark something. He can't be any worse.
Originally posted by girlphan
C'mon you guys give the guy a break. He will be fine against Green Bay. Probably.

In GREENBAY!?!?! Are you f*cking kidding me!?!?! We will lose the game in Green Bay. I have been there at Lambeau Field. Ray doesn't have a prayer in Green Bay!!! Ray Lucas flat out sucks!!! There is a reason he he a back-up QB and we saw it today!!! Buffalos defense sucks, and Ray lucas probably made Nate Clements a ProBowler today!!! Ray needs those diapers Bill Parcells was going to send as a joke, because Nate Clements is HIS DADDY!!! Sucks to go into Green Bayy in 2 weeks 5-2 knowing if Fiedler were playing we'd be 6-1.

Also for all the Fiedler bashers F*CKOFF!!!! You have nothing to argue about now!!!! Ray SUCKS!!!!!!
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